August 2019

Summer holidays 

Axiotek will "refresh" from 12th August to 1st September included. Last summer we brought our Shore hardness tester to the Europe's highest mountain refuge. Will our Shore hardness tester work even in extreme conditions?

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July 2019

Our suggestions to prevent metal hardness test blocks corrosion 

Ferrous materials tend toward gradual corrosion due to their contact with oxygen and water. The higher the electrical conductivity of the...

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June 2019

Do you know how to properly use hardness test blocks?

Hardness test blocks are frequently used to verify the accuracy of the values measured by the hardness tester. A little negligence may compromise...

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Hardness tester AX-5

January 2019


AX-5 is the new fully automated Axiotek hardness testers. Ideal for performing tests on pieces of ..

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July 2018

Industrial Technology Magazine

We are present in the international magazine "Industrial Technology"...

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February 2017

TB 600

TB 600 system allows to automatically analyze and measure Brinell and Vickers indentations, which have...

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January 2017

New centering system

The Laser Indicator System Axiotek, also known as L.I.S.A., is a laser pointing system developed and patented...

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