Durometro per prove Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers e su materie plastiche


Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness tests, generation of Brinell and Vickers indentations
Completely automatic test cycle
ISO 2039 - 6506 - 6507 - 6508 – 4545; ASTM E384 - E18 - E10 - E103 standards




Thanks to the USB port, a barcode scanner can be connected to the instrument. This allows to scan any barcode on the samples tested and, once codes have been uploaded, it is possible to create specific test reports for each single sample. Margin of error will decrease dramatically and all product information will be easily accessible during tests.
A feature of the instrument is the possibility to connect robotized systems for machine tools feeding. Feeding is a repetitive and monotonous activity: a collaborative robot can be employed to make the production flow more efficient, while allowing the operator to make better use of his time to carry out value-added activities.
The measuring head has a vertical motorized movement with a 400mm standard stroke: this leads to much faster tests and reliable results.
SINGLE-AXIS MOTORIZED SUPPORT BASEMotorized horizontal movement with standard 1200 mm stroke: this allows the measurement of very large pieces.

Thanks to the locking hood and to the indenter vertical stroke, the hardness  ester follows the sample even in case of structural bending with the auto-compensating system. The locking hood applies constant pressure, avoiding possible changes of position and structural failure of the sample during tests.  he measuring head never loses contact with the surface: this makes possible measuring unstable, dirty or oiled samples.

AX-5 can be equipped with the laser pointing system (L.I.S.A.) which is turned on by pressing the button located on the front of the instrument. The laser pointer projects a bundle of two laser rays that collimate in the same position, indicating the exact spot where test will be performed.




The hardness tester is equipped with a computer with a pre-installed software. The software, which has been developed by our company, is a powerful tool for analysis, which features quick test selection and related setup, real-time statistics and graphics with test sessions saving option. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and is managed by a touchscreen monitor.



The instrument uses the EtherCat connection, an high performances protocol for industrial communication, allowing the data transfer with predictable temporization and precise synchronization.
AX-5 offers lots of opportunities for data output and backup. Beyond saving results, all data detected during tests can be exported in .pdf, .xls (Excel) or .xml files. The output in .xml format allows to connect the instrument with Q-DAS systems.
A feature of the instrument is creating and printing personalized test reports with company logo and data, values and comments, through any printer connected on the system.