Durometro shore elettronico

To measure the hardness of plastics and rubbers according to ASTM 2240, ISO 7619 and ISO 868


Few easy steps to perform the hardness test! 





Set the test parameters


Hold the probe and press it on the sample


The hardness value is automatically displayed on the screen




 Probes available



Shore A 

soft rubber, rubber, elastomer, products made of natural rubber, neoprene, coloured resin, polyester, soft PVC, leather


 Shore B

medium-hard rubber materials, plates, etc.


 Shore C

medium-hard plastic and rubber materials


 Shore D 

hard and stiff materials, synthetic materials, acrylics, Plexiglas, wood, thermoplastic materials, etc.


 Shore E

foams, soft and elastic materials, expanded materials, etc.


 Shore DO

medium-hard plastic and rubber materials


 Shore O

as scale A but for low values


 Shore OO

rubbers, expanded rubbers, silicone, etc.


 Shore OOO

as scale OO but for low values




Thanks to the operating console with LCD screen, the user can directly interact with the instrument: it is possible to save up to 350 results and create statistics, averages, standard deviations, histograms

Three measuring modes available: peak, continuous, with timer

The Electronic Hardness Tester is equipped with a RS 232 C output which allows to connect the machine with computers/printers (data exporting and data processing through a specific software available)







Small and portable printer

connection with RS 232 C output



Motorized bench support for laboratory tests


Support DX 136

Bench support for laboratory tests




AXIOSTAT statistic software

Software to elaborate measured data, compatible with instruments equipped with RS 232 C data output


Shore test block set

To control the values measured with the hardness tester