To retrofit means to update completely your “old” hardness tester. But how? By removing the whole optical group and applying an electronic panel equipped with the RS 232 C data output and a measuring probe which is suitable to perform all the hardness tests available on the instrument. Generally, tests available are HRA, HRB, HRC and HB30. By retrofitting your hardness tester, the ordinary and extra maintenance of the machine is included: this will give a second life to your instrument


 Retrofit advantages

Electronic panel extremely intuitive (no need of training)


Better technical performances


0.1 HRC resolution (good display of measured values data on the panel)


Standardized determination of test times


RS 232 C data output, which allows to connect the hardness tester to a computer or to a printer (data export, creation of reports, statistics, etc..)


Calibration certificate traceable to ACCREDIA (1-year validity)


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